History of the Department


Department of sociology has been started in 1999. the first batch of the department successfully completed degree course in 2002. Sociology is an optional subject for B. A.-1, B.A.-2 and B.A.-3.

Department of sociology is very important in the relation to the social work and social change in society. Our department has been tried to play the role in various aspects. Our faculty members have been tried to update themselves concern to academic development and social work. The both faculty have actively participated in social work. The faculty members have played their contribution in the field of academic, research and society.

The department has faced and contributed its role in the first and secondaccreditation of NAAC ( 2007&2016). The department has tried to achieve the dreams of institution, students, and society.

The outcome of the Department is the alumni are contributing  in the field of social work , administration, education etc. for achieving  their goals.