History of the Department


  1. History of the Department:

The Department of Sociology has been established in the year of 1999. The first batch of the Department successfully completed the degree course in the year 2002.  It is an Optional course for the B.A. -I, B.A.-II, and B.A.-III-year students. The three years (six-semester program) CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) has been implemented from the academic year 2016-17.

“Science of Society means sociology” therefore, the department is trying to play a role with the academic and social perspective. The faculties and students try to update their self for the complete objectives of sociology.

Both faculties of the department have contributed to the time rehabilitation of the Tsunami flood disaster at Allappad Panchayat in Kerala state. (2005) and rehabilitation of flood disaster at Bhedwade and Khochi villages of district Kolhapur (2006).  The students and faculties have contributed awareness as well as survey programs during the period of Covid-19. As a concern for academic and social development, the department organized fieldwork and survey method for a better understanding of the facts of society. The most prominent alumni of the department have been working in the NGO and social work sectors. Both faculties have completed their Ph.D. Degree during the period of the third cycle of NAAC.