Vision and Mission of the College



  • To remove the darkness of illiteracy with the light of knowledge.


  • To extend the Higher Education for the rural students especially for the girls.
  • To promote the faculty of Science and Technology to develop Scientific temper among the rural students.
  • To develop versatile personality of the students through extra-curricular activities.
  • To impart cultural and social values in to the students by extension activities and to encourage them to face the challenges of brave new world.
  • To impart the up-coming generations liberal, social, technical and professional.
  • To provide a platform to the students to enhance their skills and potential as well as a sense of social responsibility and nationality through sports, cultural activities, NSS and other events.
  • To create the values like Truth, Honesty, Morality and Virtue in to the Students.
  • To develop Multidisciplinary centre for Science and Technology.
  • To make students a good citizens of India, and to develop regular, sincere and punctual students.