Teaching Learning and Evaluation


Criterion II: Teaching Learning and Evaluation
Slow Advanced Learner
Student Centric Activities
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Criterion II: Teaching Learning and Evaluation
2.1          :Student Enrollment and Profile    : Number of students admitted year-wise during last five years    : Number of sanctioned seats year wise during last five years
2.2          : Catering to Student Diversity    : Number of actual students admitted from the reserved categories year                         wise during last five years
2.2.1        : The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organizes                     special Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners
2.3           : Teaching- Learning Process
2.3.1        : Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative                             learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing
                    learning experiences

2.3.2         : Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process
2.4             : Teacher Profile and Quality
2.4.1          : Average percentage of  full time  teachers against sanctioned  posts
                    during the last five years
2.5             : Evaluation Process and Reforms
2.5.1          : Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of                      frequency and mode: Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent                        and robust in terms of frequency and mode
2.5.2          : Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is                                 transparent,time- bound and efficient

2.6             : Student Performance and Learning Outcomes
2.6.1          : Teachers and students are aware of the stated Programme and
                     course outcomes of the Programmes offered by the institution.
2.6.2          : Attainment of programme  outcomes and course outcomes are
                     evaluated by the institution.

2.6.3          : Anual Results

Extended Profile 2.3