History of the Department



Established in 2002

Course offered: B.A. in Political Science

Subject Taught: Optional Political Science for B.A. I, II
                          Special Political Science for B.A.III

          The Dept. of Political Science has been established in 1999, Political Science as a special subject for B.A. III started in 2001. Assistant professor Mr.A. H. Nikam & Mr. P.A. Khabade are working as a subject teacher of  dept. The faculty of the dept. are sencerly & actively participating in the research extension & faculty development programmes throughout  the year. Our faculty members prepare the students to take part in various  activities & various compititions. For example- elocution, debates, Quiz, seminar,  etc. Most of our alumni completed post graduate degree with first class & other educational courses just like  B.JC. M.BA , Bed  etc. acquired. Both faculty member have published more than 12 research articles. Dept. is having above 80% result history.